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Stand out from the crowd with our professional laser shows


Lasers are one of the best ways to excite and impress an audience.
The pencil thin beams of intense color shooting around an arena or stadium are like no other lighting effect.
Combined with vibrant graphic logos and animation, audiences are bedazzled with a laser show extravaganza.


And when it comes to laser shows, no one does it better than LPS-Laser SA.

We provide you with the best, because we will not settle for less.


German precision engineering. Local South African expertise 

We are also proud users and distributors of LPS Lasersysteme for South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa.

LPS Laser SA

We specialise in providing high end, state of the art Laser shows.

Through LPS Laser SA, you can:

  • Buy Laser Equipment
  • Hire laser Equipment
  • Contract us for specialised Laser shows

Laser shows

LPS-Laser SA

With a combined experience of over 2 decades in the live show production and entertainment field, our success is based on a solid creative foundation, high work ethics, service orientated mindsets and a global way of thinking with continued innovation.

Our Laser show creative team of animators can develop ideas for your approval, drawing on a variety of technologies to effectively tell your story, combining music, Laser Graphics, Laser projection and FX, bring all those sources together to create a powerful synergy.

We tailor your Laser experience to dazzle your corporate or outdoor extravaganza. Our Laser show operators are also qualified sound, lighting and AV Technicians, therefore understanding and working in synergy with the technical production team to ensure the success of your event

  • With 2 decades in live show production and entertainment, we are driven by solid creative foundations, high work ethics, service orientated mindsets and a global way of thinking
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  • LPS-SA graphic laser shows are designed to your requirements, with spectacular high speed graphic lasers which really show-off and compliment your company logo.
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  • LPS-Lasersysteme products are high impact lasers for almost any event. Our Laser technology ensures the brightest and most efficient colors and visibility
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  • LPS-Laser SA adheres to the Safety codes and Regulations to German and European standards, ensuring optimal production and safety of all audiences.
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