Graphic Laser shows are specially designed to your requirements. Spectacular high speed graphic lasers ensure high resolution and animations to compliment your company logo, giving you the quality that your corporate identity deserves.

Our Laser offerings are not massed produced components based imports or locally assembled. LPS-Laser SA are exclusive users and distributors of LPS-lasersyteme, a German established and based company with world renowned accolades and credentials. Therefore we offer our customers reliable engineering and the comfort of knowing that each laser projector is manufactured to the highest of standards and specifications that only German precision engineering can provide.

Our LPS-RealCAD Pro and RealTIME Pro Software with standard DMX and ILDA format outputs gives optimal control to our laser show operators. Combined with our MIF-4 SMPTE timecode interface, full control is given to the lighting designer, giving the lighting engineer flexibility and choice to combine laser into the lighting design.

Our gauze screens ensure optimal 3D FX. As they are virtually invisible, a dazzling mid-air 3D effect is ensured. Our gause screens eliminate the need for a waterscreen, therefore noise pollution and waterspilling on to the stage is eliminated.

Laser equipment

Sleeping Sun

A video show designed with LPS-Laser Realtime Pro

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